Sep 01 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus ICS 4.1 upgrade

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I upgraded Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Fido) to ICS 4.1 and unlocked it on the way along with “rooted”. 4.1 is beautiful, its fast, save on battery ceven with GPS turn on, and a lot of improvements compared to 4.0.2, and gives you a great feeling. The process is a bit complicated and time consuming but is really worth it.

First you need to install the Nexus Tool Kit

Then follow the instructions on:

[All credit goes to my friend Umar Q.]

Note that this process is switching your Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Samsung’s android (which has no updates) to Google’s android (which has current version of 4.1.1). The procedure actually updates the phone to Google Android 4.0.4. Once done, you can do the OTA (over the air) upgrade using your phone. This makes Galaxy Nexus upgraded to Adroid OS 4.1.1 also known as Jelly Beans. Not to mention, i don’t like Jelly Beans 🙂

Disclaimer: Please do it on your own risk. Writer of this post or anyone else for that purpose will not be held responsible if you brick or damage your phone during this process.

Good luck. - bad image of samsung galaxy nexus – bad image of samsung galaxy nexus

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Apr 07 2012

HTC Magic upgrade to Android 2.2.1 (CM6)

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[This post is only to express my recent experience. Please check the links and read thoroughly before doing any upgrades. I will not be responsible for any damage to your phone or if you brick it. Please also check your device for 32A or 32B; You should also know your radio version and recovery version etc.]

I had HTC Magic 32A for a long time (Basically Rogers HTC Magic). I rooted it so no more warranty, no upgrades from rogers and no support. This one had an old hero ROM with HTC Sense and Android 1.5 and i wanted to upgrade it to at least 2.1 as this has become minimum requirement for several apps. I tried several ROMs available, but they did not work. Then i tried the most famous and reliable CyanogenMod 6.1.0 stable. The process was fairly simple with one major problem described at the end. So i thought i better share my experience. Their website described the process in detail.

Cyanogen Mod 6 a.k.a. CM6 bring you Android 2.2.1. Here are the links i followed:



Just a quick note, if you have the same phone from rogers, after upgrading the radio and recovery, (and optionally wiping everything), you need three updates:



3) (optional, but i guess you have to)

This upgrade process went so unexpectedly smooth, couldn’t believe i have Android 2.2.1. However, there were a couple of problems with the new CM6.

Problem-1: The phone became too slow after a couple of days i.e., after installing all the apps i had before. icons would disappear for a couple of minutes; at times will become totally non-responsive and i have to takeout battery to restart etc.

Solution: “Home Switcher for Froyo”, “Launcher Pro” with some tuning. Sorry i do not have a link to the original post right now. Will try posting it later.

Problem-2: Auto Rotate did not work 🙁 This was a big mess, no leveling games (teeter, speedcar etc). And above all Google Sky Map doesn’t work anymore.


a) replace akmd from an older version and reboot. The link i followed was:

b) Use app “GPS Status & Toolbox” and recalibrate.


It seems pretty simple, but searching for right solutions took me really a long long time. I just hope it helps someone else.
I love using If you have Android 2.1 or above, you can easily install all the apps from a computer. No phone connections needed. Your phone has to be connected on WiFi though and using a google account.

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