Oct 05 2013

BestBuy Store #937 – Bad Customer Service

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Store in review:
Markville Centre – Unit 4 – Phone: (905) 754-3025
5000 Hwy 7 E, Unit 2070L, Markham, ON, L3R 4M9

I pre-ordered “GTA V” for PS3, and went to pick it up on Sept 17, 2013. Got the game from customer service counter and took it to checkout with $20 voucher from reward zone.

The clerk at checkout told me “Oh, sorry the sale is final and you cannot use the voucher”. Now that seemed a little weird. I argued with her politely, but later had to ask for a manager. Instead, another wonderful girl appeared and looking at the screen, told me “oh sorry, we cannot use that voucher for this sale”. I asked if she was the manager, and she smiled, no but i can help. Great help I must say. So eventually I met the manager of the Best Buy store #937 with high hopes.

She also looked at the screen. “No sir, we cannot use the voucher for this sale, however, you can pay the full amount here, and then go to customer service counter to get a refund of $20. This looked really silly. But as I had no other option. I paid the full price, and followed the manager for a refund / adjustment to my invoice.

Now this clueless manager tried altering my invoice for about 15 minutes more. Eventually, the Manager cancelled the transaction (not knowing the customer display shows whats going on). Then sold the game to me again on a new transaction applying that voucher of $20. No shame for wasting my time, no worries, returned $20 and walked away.

They could have done this at the checkout saving me all this trouble and about an hour of my time. Idiotic really. But who cares, they are running the store under the famous name “BEST BUY”. I have read a few bad reviews about this store and couldn’t resist sharing my own experience as well. Not sure what Best Buy is doing about this.

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