Sep 12 2012

Plantronics Voyager PRO HD – Personal Experience

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I bought Plantronics Voyager Pro HD from BestBuy Canada for $73 (Thanks to Price Match).

Reasons for buying based on previous reviews:

  1. Its noise cancelling technology
  2. Multi-point Connection (2 devices at a time)
  3. A2DP Of course

Well, No.1 is not as good as thought it would be; but its really good. The voice quality is really good (after firmware upgrade). No.2 was perfect for me as i can connect my laptop and the phone at the same time. Listen to music or calls on either of them – no problems. I love its auto connect function. and the sensor for phone calls (take it off your ear to activate handset, and put it back on to switch to bluetooth).  I am already in love with this thing 🙂

There is a Voyager PRO UC versions as well, but it has only an additional bluetooth dongle for computers. So if you dont have bluetooth, you can go for the other.

One more thing, the Vocalyst app from plantronics is nice. it reads you the text messages but you have to turn the “whisper” feature on, otherwise everyone can listen to your personal messages 🙂 Its free for one year from the date of purchase.


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