Jan 26 2010

TigerDirect.ca – Bad Customer Service with Good Prices

Category: HomeFarhan Sabir @ 10:21

TigerDirect.ca has very good prices. I am not sure about their other stores, but the one in Markham … is probably owned by *all* special people including sales reps, tech people, and the manager. Worst customer service experience you will ever have. Two of my personal experiences:

1. I purchased a WD Passport 500GB external drive which was supposed to have a standard USB. A couple of my friends already have WD with standard USB cable). However, the one I got had a special Non-Standard-USB connector connecting to the drive side. So i cannot use a standard USB cable with it making it useless for me, as i have to carry the cable with me all the time. I went back to the store to return it. First rude guy on counter said “You have to pay 15% restocking fee”. Why? Because the drive is ok and we cannot help you with the USB problem”. Not so nice. So the next step – talk to the store manager. This guy is more rude than the sales person on counter. After explaining everything to him, he said “There is nothing wrong with the drive. It can still work. So if you want to return something on your own choice you have to pay 15 percent fee”. I tried explaining to him the problem again. But its like talking to a wall, a robot or grocery store person about IT things. No way, same answer “if you want to return it pay the restocking fee”. So … eventually you say ‘to hell with it’, its useless anyways. Paid the fifteen percent fee, and returned home  Point is, these guys on the store are really rude. No customer service experience, no nothing. Its like you ask another question and this guy will punch you in the face. It’s like talking to a grocery store person about IT Stuff. I had the same experience on BestBuy and they returned it with smiling face and NO fees of course.

2. I saw a Samsung 24 inch monitor on their website, and thought it is quicker and saves shipping if I pick it up myself. Went to the same Markham store and there was only one Samsung 22 inch on the floor. So I asked a rep do you have other Samsung models that i saw on your website? TigerDirect.ca rep tells me and trust me VERY rudely “This is our store, we keep the inventory of the items we like. TigerDirect is a franchise. What they keep on their website is their choice, what we keep in the store is our choice”. That really sucks. What if you go to a big chain of stores, with one of their Web SKUs, and they tell you its an independent store and they cant help you what the head office keeps in web stock. (20100125)

TogerDirect Markham – if you want to run your own store, get out of the umbrella of TigerDirect. If you want to keep it, give some respect to its customers.

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