Mar 15 2009

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Farhan Sabir @ 14:19

I immigrated to Canada in 2006. Like most of the immigrants, did some odd jobs initially and later got a nice IT job. Instead of being a project manager, I became a developer and started with php/mysql and ZenCart. I also kept working on VoIP, A2Billing, PBX, DIDs and SIP/IAX Trunks.

I have passion for doing something cool in VoIP. I started with Asterisk@Home aka AAH. Then switched to Trixbox (having no other option), and eventually ended up in Elastix starting with version 0.92 which now 2.0.3. Its a cool VoIP System for small and medium businesses. A single CD containing everything that you need, installed in about an hour. It servers the purpose of having a most feature-enriched phone system as well as built crms (VTiger and SugarCRM). Because of the limitations of SugarCRM, i recommend VTiger which is pretty cool, growing, free and having a good community to support.

Phone systems are pretty easy to setup these days. Microsoft Response Point for example is child’s play. Anyone a little bit okay with computers can install it, configure it and use it professionally. However, the idea (for some) is to get rid of the proprietary systems and this one falls into that too. There is a limitation of manufacturers, one has a good base-unit and the other has nicer more professional looking phones. But it still is Microsoft. People looking for something very easy to use, this system is for you.

If you are looking for a ‘hell of features’, Asterisk or one its flavors is for you. People say its very difficult to install and manage a linux system. I agree, but packages like Elastix, Trixbox, FreePBX and several others have made it so easy for any IT Professional to play with these systems. However, the base is Asterisk from Digium and the FreePBX for ease of use (GUI).

A step further was to have just Asterisk and A2Billing on a system – that requires some linux and asterisk programming/configuration. I planned on starting something new …. the Calling Card setup + SIP Trunking Service + DIDs and Access Numbers. That was cool but painful experience in the start which made my life hell. Well, I have mostly learn things like this.  You need to have a lot of time for this, and i mean a lot. After successfully running the first service, i eventually planned on installing FreePBX on the same system. This was again a big mess. But with the help of google I was eventually able to make it smooth, and provide SIP Trunks, DIDs and Home Phone connections. The Pinless Calling. I have been successfully operating it since Feb 2009.

If you have time, please visit my two websites:

Long Distance Calling, Calling Cards, Pin-less Calling:

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Other than the professional work, I love photography. I hope some day I can have a small studio.

Farhan Sabir

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